RoseHill Ridge Apartments

Jun 6th, 2012

TEC, Inc. has reached substantial completion on the RoseHill Ridge Apartment Demolition project in Texarkana, TX.  The project included the demolition of 23 apartment buildings along with all associated pavements, fences and underground utilities.

TEC, Inc. has been selected to perform earthwork services for a new apartment complex on the property.  Work is slated to begin in July 2012

The Housing Authority of Texarkana, TX is the project owner, and Carleton Construction, Ltd. is the general contractor.  RoseHill Ridge marks the 4th successful project for TEC, Inc. with Carleton Construction, Ltd.


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"TEC’s performance of the the earthwork was excellent.  Not only did they perform that part well, there were several other competencies that they possessed that greatly helped the project move quickly and efficiently, such as mechanically good equipment, excellent communication with the mill on progress of quantities, good surveying to confirm pay quantities, and a thorough safety program that met the mill’s strict requirements."

Keith Hogue, Senior Engineer, Project Manager

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