TEC, Inc. utilizes the latest in technology to support and facilitate its operations.

Estimating & Management

TEC, Inc. utilizes a suite of software products for accurate estimating, project management and resource management.

These tools are used on a daily basis for fast and accurate management of our resources.  Bids are quickly and accurately prepared, project manhours, production and costs are accurately tracked, equipment and crews are efficiently scheduled and dispatched and equipment is kept in well maintained, operating condition with the help of these software systesms. 

These systems promote efficiency and maximum up-time through the integration of information.  

Surveying & Layout

TEC, Inc. has been a leader in field layout in our region for many years. Today, we utilize horizontal and vertical control solutions that provide greater accuracy, higher productivity, lower operating costs and increased efficiency.

TEC, Inc. is equipped with robotic total stations and GPS survey systems which allow for accurate site control and site tie-in.  Accuracy begins on day-one, and TEC, Inc. is equipped for accuracy from the beginning.   In addition, TEC, Inc. also has field rover systems that can be used by on-site foremen and lead personnel for intermediate layout work required without the presence of a survey crew.

Some of our most valuable and productive tools are the automatic, machine-control units mounted to dozers and motor graders.  These units utilize three dimensional models for accurate positioning and grade control.  Models can be viewed on a screen in each piece of equipment which displays 3D graphics, cuts, fills and elevations.

These tools provide fast, accurate information to increase efficiency and productivity on the job-site. 

Site Modeling

TEC, Inc. utilizes software products for accurate quantity takeoffs and site modeling for site layout and machine control.

This technology allows for the highest degree of accuracy in estimating earth volumes.  Project areas and volumes can be disected by area and viewed in three dimensions.   These features allow for TEC, Inc. to accurately analyze and take advantage of the most cost effective solutions to the construction of each project site.

In addition, software is used for all layout and machine control models. These models are built by our affiliate company, NSL Site Layout, LLC and are used by our survey team for GPS field layout. The models are also used on board GPS machine control equipped dozers and motor graders for accurate, real-time grade information on-board each piece of equipment.

These site models are also a valuable tool for clients to see their proposed improvements in three dimensions prior to beginning work.  Models can be tweaked and engineers advised on the most cost effective grading plans for any project.

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What we're hearing from our customers:

I have had the pleasure of working with TEC, Inc. on multiple projects.  In an industry where integrity is at a premium and difficult to find, TEC, Inc. delivers consistently.  The team at TEC, Inc. places a priority on communication and works tirelessly to do things the right way.  I would recommend TEC, Inc. to anyone...

Brett L. Butler, President
Butler Development Group

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