Erosion Control

The installation, maintenance and removal of temporary and permanent barriers to prevent erosion from construction sites.

Erosion control is the installation, maintenance and removal of temporary and permanent soil erosion barriers as required on most new construction projects by local, state and federal requirements in order to prevent the discharge of soil materials from construction sites into roadways or adjacent properties.

TEC, Inc. routinely performs these services stand-alone, or as associated with earth moving projects, whichever best suits the needs of our client.  Erosion control measures typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Silt Fencing
  • Straw Wattles 
  • Construction Entrances and Exits
  • Rock Check Dams
  • Inlet Protection
  • Diversion Berms and Swales 
  • Slope Stabilization Matting
  • Hydroseeding and Mulching
  • Rock Rip Rap and Revetments
  • Street Sweeping 

TEC, Inc.'s fleet of equipment includes a silt fence plow that allows for the installation of large volumes of silt fence in a minimum amount of time in order to help keep projects ahead of schedule.  Erosion control barriers are maintained for the duration of each project opportunity and removed upon completion, when required.

As each project draws to completion, permanent stabilization of all disturbed dirt areas is required.  Permanent stabilization is achieved through a combination of custom seed blends and possibly erosion control matting.  Where applicable, TEC, Inc. has the equipment and capability to provide hydroseed and hydromulch application to meet project specifications and objectives.  TEC, Inc. works with specialized suppliers to develop permanent revegetation solutions that are tailored to each project's special conditions and location. 

TEC, Inc. employs these measures and performs any necessary inspections and documentation in a manner to keep client projects up to date and compliant with all local, state, and federal standards and regulations. 

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What we're hearing from our customers:

Since 1986 , TEC has been the exclusive subcontractor for Williamson Construction for water, sewer, streets, subdivisions, etc., and in many cases has supervised the entire project.  They have also performed the individual site prep for dozens and dozens of jobs.  TEC has been professional in service and outstanding in our relationship. They have always performed in a superior manner for our Arkansas and Texas projects, both commercial and residential.

Aven Williamson, President
Aven Williamson Construction, Inc.

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