Excavation & Grading

Excavation and grading for new roadways and site improvements.

TEC, Inc. has over forty years of experience in Excavation and Grading services for new structures, buildings, roads, pavements, parking lots, lakes, ponds and many other improvements.  TEC, Inc. starts every project opportunity with a well-thought plan to ensure efficiency in cost, schedule and absolute client satisfaction.

Excavation and Grading includes, but is not limited to, the excavation, hauling, placement, moisture conditioning, compaction and grading of dirt materials to meet designed elevations and contours for new structures and other improvements.  TEC, Inc. is prepared to perform Excavation and Grading services for any construction project and has experience working on projects, both large and small, all over the four state region of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.  TEC, Inc.'s earth moving experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, rail, landfill and levee.

Schedule is almost always a key concern for clients, as excavation & grading is usually a critical path item in the project schedule.  TEC, Inc. employs experienced supervisors and operators equipped with well-maintained equipment to achieve the highest levels of quality and schedule performance.  A fully staffed and trained equipment shop works year round on preventative maintenance programs and responds to repairs immediately to maximize equipment up-time.

Precision grades are maintained with state of the art GPS survey technology as well as automatic, GPS machine control technology to improve accuracy, quality, schedule and overall performance.  

TEC, Inc. knows that the best jobs start with a solid, level foundation, and TEC, Inc. is here to make sure the job is done right from start to finish.

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What we're hearing from our customers:

Since 1986 , TEC has been the exclusive subcontractor for Williamson Construction for water, sewer, streets, subdivisions, etc., and in many cases has supervised the entire project.  They have also performed the individual site prep for dozens and dozens of jobs.  TEC has been professional in service and outstanding in our relationship. They have always performed in a superior manner for our Arkansas and Texas projects, both commercial and residential.

Aven Williamson, President
Aven Williamson Construction, Inc.

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