Storm Drainage

Underground storm sewer utilities and containment facilities for new improvements.

TEC, Inc. offers underground storm drainage improvements all over the four state area and has done many drainage projects including channels, culverts, containment ponds and drainage structures.  TEC, Inc. has successfully performed countless miles of storm drainage pipe in its many years of operation.

Storm drainage experience includes the installation of round pipe, elliptical pipe and box culverts in a variety of projects and improvements.  TEC, Inc. has installed pipe sizes up to, and exceeding, 102" with many different materials including precast concrete, plastic and corrugated metal  Installations have varied from private, munical, state, federal, commercial and industrial clients on a vast array of sites and conditions.  

Installation of storm drainage systems includes safely excavating the appropriate trenches per OSHA and/or EM-385 standards, depending on client and site jurisdiction.  Excavation benching, trench boxes and/or shoring are employed, as necessary, to ensure compliance and safety for workers inside and around the excavation.  Bedding and backfill materials are placed per material requirements, density controlled and moisture controlled, as required by plans and specifications.   Pipe is installed with proper joints and on designed grade.  

Storm drainage systems are vital to the performance of new roadways, parking lots, subdivisions, commercial developments and industrial facilities.  Quality installation is key, as leaks or other failures may cause flooding, pavement damage or safety concerns.  

TEC, Inc. has the equipment, experience and know-how to install storm drainage wherever it might be needed, even in the roughest of conditions such as tight spaces, deep excavations and highly trafficked areas.

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What we're hearing from our customers:

Since 1986 , TEC has been the exclusive subcontractor for Williamson Construction for water, sewer, streets, subdivisions, etc., and in many cases has supervised the entire project.  They have also performed the individual site prep for dozens and dozens of jobs.  TEC has been professional in service and outstanding in our relationship. They have always performed in a superior manner for our Arkansas and Texas projects, both commercial and residential.

Aven Williamson, President
Aven Williamson Construction, Inc.

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