Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving for roadways, parking lots, walking trails and other improvements.  

Asphalt paving is a tried and true choice when it comes to paving projects.  There are various benefits in choosing asphalt paving.  By choosing asphalt pavement for your parking lot, roadway or walking path, there is opportunity for efficiency and cost savings.

TEC, Inc. has been involved in asphalt paving since it’s inception.  Over the years, we’ve paved many miles all over the four state region of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, leaving nothing but smooth roads behind us.

TEC, Inc. provides asphalt pavement for any and all project types including but in no way limited to:

  • Parking Lots
  • Subdivisions
  • Walking Trails
  • Municipal Streets
  • Airport Taxiways & Runways

Let us develop a paving solutions to suit your custom improvement projects of any size large or small.

Not only does TEC, Inc. provide pavement solutions for your new projects, but we also perform maintenance work such as asphalt patching, pavement repairs, seal coat and chip & seal surfaces.

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What we're hearing from our customers:

"As consulting civil engineers, we are often asked for our opinion on local/regional contractors.  We are always able to give our highest recommendation regarding TEC because they consistently do excellent work at a reasonable price and their level of experience/expertise is second to none in our region."

Bob Murray, President / CEO
MTG Engineers & Surveyors

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